Beauty and Skin hair Adverts from the 1950s

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Beauty and Skin hair Adverts from the 1950s

The advertising industry had more power than ever. Individuals were purchasing a tv for the TV and home advertising one by one, the more industrial channels. With magazines galore aimed at customer groups that are distinct, all targeted with the advertisers print advertising did not suffer either .

Hollywood celebrities were utilised to market products. On occasion the unknown confront went on to become a household name. Illustrations were also still utilised in ads, as was paragraphs of text explaining the virtues of using that product.

Advertisers in the 1950s focused with a wholesome or moralistic view to their own adverts.

Print Adverts

Coty advert (1950)
Tru-Glo makeup with Marilyn Monroe (c.1953)
Max Factor’s Creme Puff premiered in 1953

Creme Puff (1954)
Elizabeth Arden advert (1950s)

Max Factor Pan-Cake (1950s)
Liz Taylor advertising hair care (c.1957)
Helena Rubinstein’s waterproof mascara (c.1959)

Maybelline advertising (c.1950s)
Maybelline advert (1959)
Max Factor (1959)

TV commercials

Until roughly 1958 tv broadcasts were live, such as commercials, and most programming was white and black. Albeit limited Colour programming was accessible from 1953, but it would not be that color TV sets became more affordable.

From the late 1950s in the united kingdom, the Admag sprung up — an advertisement magazine programme that was broadcast at the guise of an actual TV programme. The ordinary viewing household could be amused with their income. Admags were very popular, before they were banned by Parliament in 1963. Spoilsports!

Maybelline commercial from 1956:

A live advert for Revlon’s Snow Peach lipstick and nail polish out of 1956:

BFI Screenonline — TV in the 1950s: