Hot Wheels Wanted

I’m looking to buy un-opened cases of Hot Wheels. If you have some available or if you know someone that i can contact, please let me know. I’m also interested in buying all Hot Wheels cars, loose or in original packages, old or new, along with anything related to Hot Wheels. This can include anything from a keychain, to comic books, racing sets, price guides, etc., etc. So, if you have anything related to Hot Wheels, tell me what you have and how much you’re selling it for. If i don’t buy it, i’ll find you a buyer!

Toy Distributors Wanted

I’m putting together a reference manual with a list of toy distributors. So if you know any toy distributors or if you are a toy distributor, send me all the details and i’ll include the information in my manual.

I Buy, Sell & Trade Old & New Toys!

I’m especially interested in buying, Hotwheels cars, Batman toys & collectibles, & old PEZ candy dispensers . I also sell these same items along with many other collectibles. If you live in Las Vegas, or are visiting, please stop by the Broadacres Outdoors Swapmeet, located at Las Vegas Blvd & Pecos, every Saturday & Sunday you can find me in spot L-5. You can also contact me by email .

Free Advertising for a limited time!

Do you have toys for sale, toys wanted or any other toys related classified ad? Send to me and i’ll place it here for Free! If you want a picture of your toy along with your ad, please send $5. & ad with picture to: Mail Order Opportunities, P.O. Box 85306, Las Vegas, NV 89185-0306. (702)262-6744, Fax(702)262-6771. I will scan and upload your picture along with your ad.

If you’re interested in finding a particular toy, please let me know and i’ll check in the Las Vegas area & with my other contacts to see if i can help you find what you want.

Toy News

Hong Kong Matches Record Turnout for US Toy Fair

Marx Toys are being reproduced and they have a web page. They can be reached at