Ever room mate adverts shared online

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Ever room mate adverts shared online

When looking for a housemate, an ad for a sterile and favorable lodger that is able to pay the invoices generally suffices.

However, since these bizarre roommate commercials attest, a few people seek something a little more specific when looking for someone to go in.

Individuals have taken to the world wide web to split the strangest commercials they have seen – and they will put you off home sharing again.  

Individuals have taken to the World Wide Web to talk about the strangest housemate commercials they have seen and some of them are very specific – like this man who had a detailed list of housemate features  

Blink and you will miss it! While this advertisement seemed rather regular, the advertiser’s preference to walk round naked might put tenants off  

One man made his preferences very apparent and encouraged people to only make serious questions  

This ad for a free room seemed great to be true – which certainly was after the landlord’s peculiar bunny was disclosed  

A man who offered to pay, clean and cook for a renter wanted something quite particular in exchange for his services  

This landlord seemed very normal until his strange toilet tendencies were unearthed in the final paragraph of this advert   

Two tenants posted an ad looking for a housemate that they needed to spend absolutely no time with  

A married man made his use for the house fully clear and was simply looking for a housemate who would turn a blind eye on his illicit liaisons    

Some of the commercials appeared so far-fetched they could not possibly be real

One person is hoping that his new renter will don a very odd outfit around the house

One male spouse had a very strange method of determined how much rent his renter should pay

Many of the landlords were looking for very particular qualities in a housemate, including this man looking for a bodyguard to watch on him 24/7

If you are Pleased to crash on a sofa then that landlord has just the offer for you  

One landlord was looking for housemates with benefits – and was able to offer free rent in return

Single girls that have dreamed of existence on the high seas will be thrilled to spot this ad

Anyone who has dreamed of being a model but hasn’t really made it onto the catwalk would delight in this offer      

A couple posted an ad to show that they had been searching a girlfriend/pet hybrid who would be ‘completely submissive’  

This ad for someone with very particular sexual preferences is sure to put off most people sharing a house

A couple posted a somewhat ominous photo of themselves to offer their babysitting services  

Someone seeking a roommate was fearful of being blunt in his biography  

The commercials included a man ready to rent out his room to $1 – however it came with a grab