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What is Paid Search Marketing (PPC)?

When running a business, the odds of paying for non-targeted clicks can be especially high if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Each agency believes that they have discovered the best solution to the challenge. While different methods of paid search may work, true success in paid search marketing only works when you have a strong strategy behind it. Let us break it down for you: Paid Search Marketing is simple: advertising within sponsored results on search engines like Google and Bing.

Paid Search Marketing can target a demographic with great precision and a geographic location with pinpoint accuracy. With a well-researched keyword list and well-designed landing pages that include strong calls to action (CTAs), a PPC campaign can prove to be a good return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Landing Page Design and Management

Sometimes, it is difficult relating and directing your audience to all that juicy information about the services that your business provides. At The Ad Company, we understand that, and that is why our goal is to help you streamline your goals to attract and satisfy the needs of your consumers. We do this by crafting visually appealing landing pages designed for specific products or services, good content, and strong CTA’s in order to increase conversion rate for the keyword ads. We can also help you further develop your website and marketing as time goes on.

At The Ad Company, we believe that the main way for businesses to have an effective landing page design is to help our clients understand how their prospective audiences are searching for the services that suits them, and then, carefully design landing pages that will encourage conversion.