Please send me an email message letting me know that you want a particular casino chip or set of chips. By doing this you will avoid any dissapointments, as some of these chips and sets are in limited supply. Usually only 1 chip or set is available. Although sometime we have more than one. In either case, make sure you contact me first. I will put aside the chips or sets that you want for you and send you verification that the chips are still available. You then send your payment for chips total plus $3.00 shipping & Handling to:

Mail Order Opportunities
P.O. Box 85306
Las Vegas, NV 89185-0306

If you want to just send your order in withouth first checking with me, that’s fine, but there’s no guarantee that the chips or sets will be available. Sometime we sell the last chip or set, and haven’t had time to remove it from our pages.

If you want to verify by phone or fax if the chips are still available, then call or fax me at the following numbers:

Phone: (702) 262-6744
Fax:xxx(702) 262-6771

Note: Nevada residents please add 7% tax.

You may send payment by cash, check or money order. We don’t recommend sending cash through the mail. All casino chips that we sell have a 30 day money back guarantee. We want you to be pleased with your purchase. If you have any questions or would like for us to find you a particular casino chip, please let me know. Thanks for your business! ” We aim to please”!