West Ham is denied Advertisement complaint by advertising council

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West Ham is denied Advertisement complaint by advertising council

The Advertising Standards Agency has rejected complaints from West Ham lovers over a gaming advert which poked fun at West Ham claiming everybody at the U.K has paid #8.37 to buy West Ham a new arena.

The ASA council has been asked to consider whether:

  1. The ad was misleading as it suggested that West Ham was awarded and owned the stadium, whereas it was a multipurpose venue that they rented for 25 days per year at a cost of #2.5 million, also
  2. the ad denigrated West Ham FC, they believed might be inflammatory amongst football fans.

The ASA ruling was:

While Council noted that the ad referred to costs involved with financing the Olympic Stadium, we considered that customers were likely to comprehend the claim for a report on their advertiser’s opinion how much people had gone into the arena for it then to be used by means of a football club.   Council noted that the bidding procedure considered that most users would understand that West Ham did not really own the venue, that was also used for other occasions and for the use of the stadium after the 2012 Olympic Games had been widely reported .   Whatever the instance, they noted the abstract reference to fairness in the ad was not likely to mislead customers into making a transactional decision they would otherwise never have taken and that a general app was encouraged by the ad.

As set out above, Council considered the ad was likely to be known as referring to the advertiser’s opinion on the people costs involved in constructing a stadium currently used by West Ham FC.   They noted that the ad did not make any remarks regarding West Ham and considered it unlikely as indicating that the team had behaved in any way 35, to be interpreted by customers.   Council therefore considered the ad failed to denigrate or at the club and reasoned that it did not breach the Code for the reasons suggested.

We have made the advertiser conscious of the issues which were brought to our attention by yourself and others in case they want to take on-board the information provided when making their ads in the future.